​Since 2002, C4 has established a reputation in the vintage BMX community as a company focused on meticulous detail, unmatched turnaround times, and award winning finishes. Using years of experience and specifically calibrated equipment, we have maintained an unparalleled focus on jobs that require a high level of quality. In addition to powdercoating, we offer full repair services with in-house welding, and custom fabrication. With our passion and expertise in the vintage bicycle industry, it has been our honest approach, accessibility, and our pride in what we do, that has kept us the best known and the most referred BMX restoration shop within that community. No matter what your job requires, we stand by the quality of the work we produce. If you are dedicated to refinishing parts to the highest possible standards, please contact us to find out how our services are going to be perfect for you.


C4 Labs has been dedicated to Vintage bicycle restorations, repairs, and custom work. This expertise allows us to provide a "one stop shop" for services and care not available anywhere else. All frames and parts are chemically stripped and prepped by hand, with repairs made or suggested during the process. Care is taken to use less aggressive methods that insure the integrity of the parts will be preserved and no details are lost. Most colors we use are custom manufactured for us to match the originals exactly, with a list that is constantly growing. We stock stickers and decals for many popular models, and are always willing to try and help track down the finishing pieces for a project.


We are constantly upgrading equipment and seeking better materials that provide show quality finishes for frames and parts. Being dedicated to bicycle restoration allows us to have equipment calibrated to provide smoother, higher quality factory looking finishes than the average shop can achieve for these jobs. We have racks and fixtures designed for us to powdercoat many small parts that can’t reasonably be done elsewhere. From spoke nips to chainring bolts, we can powdercoat any metal bicycle component.


I’ve made quite a few friends while providing these services. I want to thank all of you who have trusted us to do your work in the past. We have gained a large expanse of knowledge on particular models through these relationships that we are very thankful for. I have enjoyed working with you all and hope to continue to work personally with new customers on projects. I still promise to put my best into every project we receive, and do everything I can to keep the experience enjoyable for you.

- Chip

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