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Dedicated to Vintage bicycle restorations, repairs and custom powdercoat services.


Trusted since 2002, C4 has established a reputation in the vintage BMX community as a company focused on meticulous detail, unmatched turnaround times, and award winning finishes. Using years of experience and specifically calibrated equipment, we have maintained an unparalleled focus on jobs that require a high level of quality. In addition to powdercoating, we offer full repair services with in-house welding, and custom fabrication. With our passion and expertise in the vintage bicycle industry, it has been our honest approach, accessibility, and our pride in what we do, that has kept us the best known and the most referred BMX restoration shop within that community. No matter what your job requires, we stand by the quality of the work we produce. If you are dedicated to refinishing parts to the highest possible standards, please contact us to find out how our services are going to be perfect for you.


Contact C4

We get hundreds of inquiries per week. The best way to get in touch about your project is thru email.



Every Project is unique. Contact us via email to discuss if unsure, but I encourage you to view the pricing page.

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Ready to start your project? EVERY project must have a work order printed and placed inside your shipping box. Please see the button below and get started.

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