How Do I Place An Order?​

On the contact page, there will be a downloadable WORK ORDER that you MUST print out and send with your frame or parts. This is critical for C4 to have because we deal with hundreds of frames per month and it helps us keep track. Ensure this is in your box when you ship.

Payment & Shipping

Return shipping is usually under $25 for frame sets within the US, or actual shipping outside the US. For all Hot Rod parts, once the job is complete, I will get in contact with you to work out all of the shipping details.Turnaround is usually 1week to 2 weeks on in stock colors.


Payment Options

PayPal is the preferred method. If you use anything other than this, please email me directly & I will work with you to get the details straight to ensure a smooth transaction.


Returns & Refunds

This is a one on one conversation with C4 directly. any problems identified during the process of powdering your frame or after the job is done, please call or email and we will get this straight. We pride ourselves on being the best, so we will ensure a quality product EVERY time.

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