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Here's the Breakdown.

Prices cover all steps of the process on most frames, with minor repairs included. Major dents, cracks, or previous damage that requires welding may add to cost.

Return shipping is usually under $35 for frame sets within the US, or actual shipping outside the US.

Turnaround is usually 1-2 weeks on in stock colors. IF ADDITIONAL TIME IS NEEDED, I WILL CONTACT YOU.

BMX Frame and forks Powdercoating

$300 for most 16" frame and fork sets

$350 for most 20" frame and fork sets

$385 for most Cruisers, Mountain Bikes & Road Bikes, Bars.


Small parts can be added in at a group discount usually totaling $50- $150 more. (stems, brakes, clamps, pedals, standers)


Candy colors or day glow white base colors are usually $400-450 for frame, fork, bars, post. Contact us for the details on these colors.


2 tones or fades are typically $350, contact me for custom stripes or designs


Excessive powder or paint, dents, pitting, or rust will add $25 minimum & will be discussed.


A frame that is new raw metal or has been chemically stripped (not media blasted) can qualify for a discount of up to $25. Talk to me about the details please.


Wheel Lacing is typically $35 / wheel


Written Estimates for shipping damages - $35.00 (refundable if we do repair)


Contact us for repair quotes, or quotes for outsourced chrome plating


Currently, we can only handle Steel & Aluminum frames & forks. We CANNOT powder or repair Carbon Fiber.

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